Clear task management

“TaskMind” is your digital daily planner for work and everyday life. Create and organize your tasks effortlessly. Organize them into custom folders and label them to organize your to-dos.

For an organized life

Daily Planner

Organize your tasks for different times. Plan your private or work week.

Never lose track of your tasks again. Add subtasks, images, and links to detail your tasks and have all important information in one place.

Folder (Projects)

Customize your folders according to your needs and focus on specific tasks in individual folders. Structure your work and keep focus.

Labels (Kanban Board)

Work according to the proven Kanban principle. Manage your tasks visually and move them through the process with additional labels. Keep an eye on progress and optimize your processes.

Calendar integration

“TaskMind” enables seamless data exchange with the iOS calendar and reminders app. Easily import your tasks from the iOS Calendar app and Reminders app to manage them in TaskMind. Export your created tasks back to the iOS Calendar or Reminders app just as easily

Download TaskMind

Available for iPhone, iPad and macOS